Abul Kalam School & College

Mr. Md. Abul Kalam formed the Md. Abul Kalam Foundation with the aim of carrying out CSR activities. Through this Abul Kalam Foundation, Md. Abul Kalam College and Md. Abul Kalam High School have already started two educational institutions in their village with a complete digital set-up and up-to-date technological equipment. The courses will include HSC (Business Management) and Polytechnic Institute will be established soon.
A group of energetic and hardworking young women are working tirelessly under the guidance of the founder and president of the school college with the aim of building a good education, orderly and improved life of the students with utmost efficiency and sincerity by keeping themselves engaged in the curriculum. Such educational institutions are very rare in the outer-city regions of Bangladesh. I hope that in a very short time this complex will be able to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the local people.
Please Visit https://www.kalam.com.bd/ to know more about our institution.