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Automated cutting machines from France and Germany.


Automated cutting machines from France and Germany.


Sewing floors for regular, Lingerie and Undergarments have 156 sewing lines with 4200 sewing machines.

Garments Finishing & Packing

Garments are carefully handled and packed to ensure the best quality before shipment.

Inspection area

10 % fabric of each color is inspected as per “FOUR POINT SYSTEM”. Chaity Group has spreader and cut block quality checkers in cutting section.

Finished Goods

Finished Goods has process checkers doing 100% check of important process. There are also End line checkers who inspects 100 % of the complete garments, beside process checkers there are Roaming Q.C. who are doing Skip bundle check on bundles passed by the operators, they inspect based on AQL 2.5. We also have Line Quality Controllers who takes daily measurement of the garments and also look after the quality of the garments in the sewing floor.